Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Dispatch

About our agency

Warren County Joint Communications is staffed 24 hours a day by professional communications officers from a variety of backgrounds. The Center is an essential link in all the public safety functions in Warren County.

The Warren County Emergency Services (911) Center provides dispatch and communications for all Law Enforcement, Fire and Ambulance services in Warren County, Missouri. The Center is also the primary terminal point for 911 calls originating from telephones installed in Warren County. Activated in February, 1996 and operating from an underground facility near Warrenton, MO, the 911 Center is hardened against tornadoes. An internal electrical generator allows the computer and radio laden facility to continue operations even during times of localized or widespread power outages.

In the event of any sort of widespread disaster affecting Warren County, the Center can be utilized as a command post for Emergency Services to direct recovery operations.

Our Mission

“Serving as the critical link between the citizen and responding public safety agencies while efficiently collecting and disseminating information needed to protect life, property and the environment.”


High quality, efficient and cost effective communications support for public safety agencies.

Timely and accurate emergency telecommunications services.

Effective and efficient service to the people of our county and the members of the public service agencies we serve.

Courteous service to all callers and radio users

Timely and accurate communications link to emergency response services